Men's Hat With Earflaps Warm Snow Caps Russian Bomber Cap, 100% Rabbit Fur Hat

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This Men's Hat With Earflaps Warm Snow Caps Russian Bomber Cap features 100% Rabbit Fur construction, providing superior insulation and durability. Whether for hunting or trekking, this hat will keep you warm and dry in cold, wet weather conditions.

Rabbit fur, polyester fiber cotton. Rabbit fur is super soft and fluffy, has high warmth retention. Two ways to wear: it's comfortable worn with ears up or down.Ears down, the hat keeps your head, cheeks, chin and neck warm.Ear, looks more concise. The size fits most men and women.don't leave it in the sun. Store it in a box or bag when not in use.use drier for softness after reception. The best hat for outdoor winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowballing, hiking, trekking, motor sports, camping, hunting and other winter sports.

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