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10 men's looks for a stylish summer

Here are 10 stylish men's looks for this summer. You'll look great even on vacation!


The casual look

For a casual yet stylish look, you can opt for a T-shirt with a simple cut and a solid color. You won't be as hot in a light-colored T-shirt. You can pair it with colorful fleece shorts that are comfortable and lightweight. You can complete your look with light flat sneakers. For even more style, they can be colored to match your T-shirt or shorts.


The classy look

For a classy look even in summer, it is possible to find pieces that will prevent you from dying of heat, while giving you the coveted dressed up look. Among the different tops available, choose a polo shirt in a solid color. Preferably light to avoid heat stroke. To match with this polo, a fitted chino short. The color of the shorts should be more or less light, so you will not have to choose between two different colors.
To complete your dressy look, we suggest moccasins. These have a design perfectly suited to hot weather and the desire for comfort, while offering a style worthy of a suit.


The outfit

If you don't feel like choosing among the tops and bottoms in your closet to find an outfit that will fit, you can find outfits for sale in stores. There are several types: Shirt/shorts; T-shirt/shorts; Sweater/Jogging ... We found for you a casual set, consisting of shorts and a white shirt composed of stripes. The second, rather in the streetwear style, is composed of a jacket and a short type of tricolored tracksuits. These two sets can be completed with a pair of simple and "all-purpose" sneakers. For example, a pair of original white Adidas.


The vintage look

Vintage/retro looks are back in fashion and their colors and patterns are once again invading the shelves. If you like this type of looks from the 80s to 2000, then we have selected for you some pieces that should please you. Among them, a shirt-short set with psychedelic patterns and colors. You will also find a swim short with artistic looks. The latter is composed of baroque patterns in bright colors to make you go back a few centuries. To complete the whole, Newbalance offers sneakers with bright colors and a classic shape that will allow you both comfort and distinction.


The streetwear look

If you adopt a streetwear look in your daily life, the hot weather will not be a problem with the right clothes. We have selected for you an oversized and cut t-shirt. This one contains an abstract art pattern on the back. For the bottom, we have selected for you a beautiful Ralph Lauren short shorts that comes in black or white. The latter is part of the selection Mode-sustainable, concerned with the environment in its manufacturing conditions. To complete the set, we have selected for you traditional Air Max 90 in black with matte finish.

The classic, understated look

If you're an understated person who doesn't like frills, that doesn't mean you can't be stylish! With classic, well-matched pieces, your understated look will make as much of a statement as a more eccentric, sophisticated look. For the top, we've selected a set of crew neck T-shirts for you. These are made of organic cotton and are part of the Sustainable Fashion selection. Their plain colors will allow you to vary your looks. For the shorts, you can get a classic polyester short like swim shorts. The one we have selected for you is part of the sustainable fashion selection, it is made from recycled materials by the brand Jack & Jones. To complete the look, we've selected a pair of Nike Running Quest 2's. These Nike classics go everywhere and with many different looks, while providing you with optimal comfort in a lightweight shoe.


The eccentric look

If you like to be seen, even from a distance. If you like to have pieces that no one else has. If you prefer to look out of the ordinary, then we've got you covered too. For the summer, you can be classy and eccentric at the same time. We found for you the Versace couture collection that released several pieces for the top and bottom, containing baroque patterns with a flashy gold/yellow color. To complete a look like this, you have the option of getting Air Max Nikes in the same flashy color.


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