Choose a man's Trench Coat:

How to choose the right trench coat for men?
Warmer than a summer jacket but not as thick as your winter coat, the trench coat is the ideal mid-season coat. Originally created by Burberry for British army officers during the First World War, the trench coat is designed to protect from the elements. Its cut, which highlights the shoulders, the belt loops and the D-shaped buckle that adorns the belt make it a very masculine coat, an essential piece of your wardrobe. In short, it's the perfect coat for this fall!

Burburry Trench Coat
Burburry Trench Coat
The trench coat is timeless and adapts to all styles: it can be worn with a three-piece suit as well as casually, over jeans or casual wear. However, it is important to know how to choose the right trench coat, because it goes without saying that a trench coat badly worn will lose all its elegance.

Tips for choosing a man's trench coat
Here are some details to take into account when choosing your trench coat.

I. Choose a trench coat of the right length.
Depending on your size and your morphology you will have to choose different types of trench coats.

The long trench coat (knee length)
The long trench coat is perfect for tall and thin men because it balances the silhouette, while elegance and fluidity. Here is a little tip for very thin men: dark colors and noble materials can give a certain thickness. The long trench coat is to be avoided for shorter men because it will tend to compress the silhouette.

Long trench coat
Long trench coat
The mid-length trench coat (reaches the level of the thighs)
This is the variant of the trench coat that will suit men with a perfect build. Worn closed and well fitted (thanks to the belt) it will highlight the waist and shoulders which will have the advantage of slimming the silhouette. It is also suitable for men who are overweight.

Mid-length trench coat
Mid-length trench coat
The short trench (at the waist)
The short trench coat comes to the waist or falls just enough to cover the buttocks. It is perfect for men under 1m75, which will flatter the silhouette. However, it is not suitable for overweight men because it may draw attention to the abdominal area.

Trench coat - short leather - man
Burberry men's short leather trench coat
II. Choosing a well-tailored trench coat
[I[/dropcap]t's worth mentioning that the finishing touches are everything on a trench coat, so it's essential that it's well tailored. There are three important elements to take into account.

A well-tailored trench coat for men
A well-tailored trench coat for men
1/The trench coat must be well cut at the shoulders
The trench coat is a very masculine piece, this is due to the fact that its shape flatters the body by following the shape of the shoulders. It is therefore particularly important that the trench coat is correctly adjusted at the shoulders.

2/ Pay attention to the length of the sleeves
This may seem obvious, but it is a detail that many people forget to take into consideration when buying a trench coat or any other garment. The sleeves should not be too short, here is a good way to make sure: they should not rise excessively when you raise your arms. If the sleeves of your trench coat are too long, find a good seamstress. Folding the sleeves to shorten them is a double-edged sword: it can either give you a lot of style or make you look a bit ridiculous. Also beware of sleeves that are too wide and therefore puffy, which totally distort a character.

3/ A trench coat is worn curved
The trench coat must fall well at the waist, when you tie the belt there should be no effect too "puffy". You can also play with the belt: tying it in front will give you a more elegant style, a little more strict, while tying it in the back gives the garment more fluidity.

III. Choose the material of the trench coat
For autumn, favor warm materials such as wool or cashmere. While for spring prefer canvas trench coats.

Be sure to choose trench coats made of quality materials. The trench is an elegant piece, however a trench in synthetic material will lose all its beauty.

So for small budgets turn to second hand trench coats, which can be found in thrift stores for example. You can also use shopping platforms that give you access to a wide selection of trench coats of different brands and allows you to compare prices.

IV. Choosing the color of your trench coat
It all depends on your style and the pieces you are going to wear your trench coat with. So before you go out and buy your new coat think carefully about the outfits you'd like to wear it with.

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