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choosing coats for fall winter

Autumn is already well under way, the cold is seriously starting to set in in France, it is therefore urgent to offer you our 2020 / 2021 selection of winter coats for men. During the last few weeks, we have scoured the best stores and brands to select our favorite men's coats among hundreds of furs etc.

This selection of men's coats is ideal to help you see the new trends to follow for the fall winter season, and find the coat you'll be wearing in the coming months and for many years to come.

What colors for my coat?
When it comes to trendy colors, there are always the must-have colors that are classics that are hard to go wrong with, and on the other hand the trendy colors that from one season to another will be more or less in fashion.

Classic Colors
Navy blue
Trendy Colors
Light brown (Camel)
Khaki Green

Trends of the season
Among the trends for the 2020 season, we have grouped a few to follow:

The sheepskin collar effect: for a few seasons, the collar in sheepskin fur has been invited on jackets for a soft and warm look. Usually it is a removable part of the coat so it is perfect to change style depending on the days.

The overcoat is making a big comeback: The long fur coat has long had an old-fashioned image. Today it is a trendy coat, symbol of elegance and very distinguished for all ages. In the past, this kind of coat was intended for business men but today it can be easily worn with jeans or more streetwear for a mix of styles.


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