We arrive at the colors. You will see that it is much simpler than you might think, provided you apply the right technique to match the different tones :

As you know, more and more men are very concerned about dressing in the right colors. And it is a question that I was often asked in relooking: "Benoit, which are the colors which fit me?".

To begin with, telling a man who knows nothing about it to wear blue doesn't make sense, because there is blue and there is blue. If there are cheap materials, there are also a lot of really cheap colors, often linked to the quality of the material (but that's another story). And some beautiful colors have absolutely nothing to do with the color chart or the sheets used in a makeover agency, there is the problem.

Because a piece of advice like "Well, you're more winter than fall, you need warmer colors, it will warm up your complexion, your skin tone, and it goes well with your personality" is difficult to interpret for a man who has only the Celio of Saturday afternoon as a standard of clothing.

Honestly, I myself don't understand much about this kind of recommendations, and this method, in addition to being very fuzzy, doesn't teach you how to find your way around the store and how to build your style with pieces that suit you to have style with the colors that go with the fur.