Fur coats for men

Men's fur coats in natural fur are not so rare on the catwalks of the world. This season's men's fur coats are practical, extravagant in combination with classic and elegant styles and the inherent roughness of men. Fur products for men are not so common in stores, but you can still get an interesting style of jacket, park and coat with fur.

Type of fur
Popular natural fur products for men are made from a seal, wolf, astrakhan, mink, sheepskin, bear, goat. They give a volume of fur coat, warm and are considered practical by designers. Having a high-end product made of expensive fur is a sign of good taste and wealth. Mink remains the most popular and versatile fur. In fur coats of this fur, it is easy to keep warm, even in extreme cold, it is elegant and expensive.

Wolf. Fur coats of the wolf are one of the most popular among men. The fur of the wolf is very warm and warms up in cold weather. Pile - strong with a dense undercoat and a long spine. The most valuable shades of wolf fur are white and black.

Wolf fur has many advantages. It repels moisture, serves for a long time, has high warming qualities. Some believe that wolf fur can cure back and kidney diseases and preserve human health. For the price of wolf coats more affordable than other furs. A wolf coat emphasizes the masculinity of the owner, creates a beautiful image.

The fur of northern and Canadian wolves is very popular: the pile of these animals is thick, elastic and shiny. The duration of the performance of wolf coats depends on the quality of the sewing of the product. Corduroy pants, jeans, thick boots, to wear with a wolf fur coat. Classic things do not go with a wolf coat.

Nerpa. A fur coat from a seal on a man is luxurious. Seal fur warms the body quickly, adding a sense of complete security and comfort. This fur is highly valued and expensive. It indicates the high status of the owner of a fur coat and his refined taste. A seal is a seal whose skin saves an animal from the cold.

The seal's fur is short, thick, dense, so that snow and wet weather at nap time are not terrible. The villi repel moisture, but it is often not advisable to wear seal fur in wet weather, because of the rapid loss of shine and shape. The special feature of seal coats is lightness, warmth and convenience. These coats are easy to wear, they can move quickly, they do not impede movement while driving. The seal fur has anti-dirt properties and a shimmering sheen, a disadvantage: hard hair, but high resistance to wear.

Bear fur coats are expensive products that not all men can afford. Bear fur is strong, unique and inimitable; it is primarily intended for men. Bear fur is thick, very warm, soft and elastic. It tolerates moisture well, has a high resistance to wear. In fur coats, bear fur is warm even in cold weather.
The color of the fur depends on the type of bear and its habitat: black, dark brown,
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