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How to choose a man's coat?

There are several steps to follow when choosing a men's coat. Indeed, you must first define the style to adopt, but also observe your morphology, your look, then your budget.

If you work in an office, if you want a coat for going out, for your work as a courier or on a construction site, then the style and look you adopt will be totally different.
If you want a man's coat to wear with a suit, nice shoes, or with jeans and a shirt, then go for a mid-length coat, with a straight cut, and following the lines of the body, which can then give you a sexy and fashionable look.

you are small, stocky and a bit fit, it is better to avoid cuts that are too long, and prefer a length at the waist. In addition, avoid coats like jackets, which will only make you fatter or accentuate your curves. Prefer a straight cut instead. But that doesn't prevent you from choosing the trendy quilted jackets, very nice and trendy for this winter. For the budgets, you can go to affordable and trendy boutiques to see the fur coats.

Men's coat to match his style.
Then see your look. For a relaxing weekend day at the office or a night out, your look will vary, so you'll need to adapt your coat. For a relaxing weekend day, go from black for bright colors to gray or brown. For a day at the office, classic black is still the safest option. No risk of a lack of taste. So be careful when choosing your coat, because it gives the final touch to your outfits.

But the one that wins the prize for elegance is, of course, the long coat for men. Look at the movies on TV, do the heroes, the good-looking guys and the main actors in the movies have a denim jacket on their back? No, they always have an elegant long coat that gives them a very chic look.

The jacket puts you directly in the category of classy guys with style. Because if a little light bomber or a perfecto, undeniably brings a very singular style, the long coat, signs a timeless character, chic and elegant, no matter what you put with it.

Quality above all
To be stylish with a long coat, you have to choose a refined material.

The ideal is a long coat for men in wool and fur. First of all, wool will keep you warm, fur will bring softness and moreover these two materials will ensure a better durability of your coat.


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