The coat is a piece that goes down below the hips and is designed to protect us effectively against the cold. They come in different shapes and with very distinct characteristics: the pea jacket, the duffle coat, the down jacket, the parka or the trench coat. The latter are great classics of the men's wardrobe and indispensable to have in winter. Choosing a coat is not easy, because very often we turn to the entry-level, which forces us to change it frequently.

It is therefore important to invest in a quality coat right from the start. Through our various articles, you will find all the advice you need to help you choose the right coat, including answers to the questions you need to ask yourself before taking the plunge. We also offer you a large number of coat tests carried out over the last few years that have allowed us to determine the best coat brands to know.

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Many of you have asked us for advice on men's fur coats. What material? Which cut? How to recognize a quality coat?

And we understand why. The coat is the centerpiece of our wardrobe when fall/winter arrives. A piece that we will wear every day to fight against low temperatures.
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