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How to choose the right coat for winter

Among all the choices of coats, how to find the rare pearl? To find the perfect piece, we start by defining our priorities. A specific idea in mind or the desire to follow fashion trends? We can also want a color but not a specific shape, and vice versa.

A coat can also be chosen according to our morphology. If you are short and want to slim your figure, avoid coats that are too long and prefer short shapes or above the day.

The coats of form bathrobe, provided with a belt will be perfect to mark the size. We can also belt one of our coats with a wide belt that we have in our accessories. It's perfect for a very chic look, while avoiding to do too much.

They come in sober colors, such as black, brown, gray or navy blue but also brighter shades such as pink, red, yellow and green. Prints also make their way onto our winter coats and add a touch of style to our outfit. We must not forget that in winter, the coat is the flagship piece of our outfit. Of course, since it covers us, it dresses us in its own way.

To brighten up our outfits, we leave the black or too dark coats aside. White coats are certainly more messy, but they blend with all other colors and are perfect to be worn with all outfits.

Trendy coat designs for fall-winter 2020-2021

This season, many creations have caught our attention. We opt for a bathrobe coat, for an oversized cut (like last year but still relevant), for a revisited trench coat, a cape coat or even for a faux fur coat.

The fashion trends for fall-winter 2020-2021 set the tone: prints and patterns are everywhere. They invite themselves on all coats and embellish your wardrobe. The star of the season? The plaid or tartan printed coat. We also adopt the striped coats or the big trend of the year: the animal print coats. The leopard print winter coat can be worn with everything and even mixed with other patterns, for a perfect mix'n'match style.

In terms of material, wool coats are still the best to keep us warm on a daily basis. Not too thick, they allow to accumulate layers underneath like thin down jackets, perfectos, vests, etc. It's time to adopt the layering trend, or the art of assembling layers of clothing.

For a great winter look, we fall for faux fur coats. Black, red, burgundy, camel, we wear them like big cuddly toys that keep us warm. They mix as much with evening dresses as with pants or jeans. The trick is to curl up in them on cold days, like in a big comforter.

And above all, don't forget that despite the trends, it is better to choose a coat that we like and that fits us. To find out, it is better to go through the fitting process. And then, it's always a good excuse to hang out in the stores, right?

In short, we are spoiled for choice because the trends for coats for fall-winter 2020-2021 are very different. So there is something for every taste and every wallet. Here is our selection of coats, each more stylish than the other, to help you shop for THE piece that will make you fall in love. It remains to be seen which winter coat will be your favorite...

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