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How to choose your coat according to your morphology?

You are small
Are you short? The goal is to slim your figure by choosing straight or close-fitting coats.

Coats that suit a short man
Short coats are definitely for you! They perfectly balance your silhouette. The perfecto and the bomber are pieces that will fit you perfectly.

If you like long coats, choose a mid-length wool coat for winter or a mid-length trench coat for mid-season for a balanced silhouette. Belted and printed coats, very fashionable, are also recommended to make you look good.

For a resolutely chic and original look, opt for a pretty cape!

Beware, bulky coats (wool, bomber, down jacket, fur) are best for petite women with a slim figure. For bulky pieces, choose a maximum length up to the buttocks so as not to compress your figure!

Try to avoid oversized, very flared or XXL coats that tend to pack the figure.

Look idea with a coat for a small man
Little tip: when you're short and want a masculine and slender look with a coat, go for heels, like pumps or ankle boots for example. You prefer to be in sneakers? That's of course possible! For a trendy sportswear style, opt for a colorful down jacket to wear with skinny jeans, a sweater and your favorite pair of sneakers!

You are curvy
Are you a full-figured man? You are certainly the envy of many! The idea is to choose a coat that is neither too wide nor too tight.

The perfect coats for a muscle man
Long belted coats are perfect and ultra chic for curvy women with a large waist. Coats with vertical stripes and dark shades will also look great on you. You can go for straight and flared coats, like the cape, to magnify your pin-up figure.

Preferably, avoid coats that are too wide or too short, which are unflattering for your body type.

Look idea with a coat for a curvy woman
For winter, we opt for a plum-colored knee-length flared coat, heeled boots and beautiful black pants, the class!

You are tall
You have legs of goddess to the end? The idea: use this asset at all costs to boost your masculininity.

Coats that suit tall men
You are lucky! The long and very long coats are made for you! There are plenty of models to choose from to create timeless styles, from chic to sportswear. Choose a coat with a check print, a houndstooth print, a fur coat, a trench coat...

Do you prefer short coats? The short oversized coat is very trendy and will fit you like a glove!

Tall and slim men can expand their silhouette with ease by choosing voluminous pieces, such as a peacoat, a parka and a thick down jacket.

Coat look idea for a tall man
The tweed coat with blazer collar and houndstooth pattern is a timeless. To create a chic casual look, throw on a pair of sneakers, raw denim jeans and a nice sweater.

You have a large chest
You have a large chest? The goal for you is to find the coat that highlights your generous chest and ensures you are perfectly comfortable.

The perfect coats for a man with a large chest
Choose smooth, flowing coats, bathrobe-style coats, long oversized coats, and belted coats to mark the waist and balance the figure.

Avoid coats that are close to the body and that will tighten you up, and coats with details that add volume to the chest (ruffles etc.).

Look idea with a coat for a man with a large chest
For a chic and sexy look, we choose a long camel coat that we associate with a sweater dress and boots. You're sure to be a hit!

You have wide hips
You have an A shape, that is to say hips wider than shoulders. You can boast of having the morphology of Beyoncé! The idea is to rebalance your figure with a coat that "blurs" your hips.

Coats that suit a woman with wide hips
The straight, long and belted coats are undeniably made for you! Preferably choose a sober, plain and dark colored coat to rebalance your figure, and ¾ length if you have a nice bouncy butt.

men's flared or oversized, short or "ball" coats are not recommended to enhance your body shape.

Look idea with a coat for a woman with wide hips
To go out, we opt for a long black coat and an empire dress. And we finish this outfit of diva with heels to slim her silhouette of goddess!

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