How to choose your tracksuit for men?

Popular for its comfort and ease of movement, jogging suits can be worn for sports activities or simply for relaxation. Which material to choose, how to complete your outfit according to the different activities you plan to do...? All the answers to the questions you ask yourself to help you in your choices!

Modern and pleasant textiles

Light and soft, warm and flexible, but also breathable, the materials that make up jogging jackets and pants are very pleasant to wear. In cold weather, we like to put on a jogging suit in fleece which, in addition to having all the characteristics previously mentioned, has the advantage of drying quickly.

A soft fleece tracksuit is perfect for mid-season and is very cozy but not as warm. When temperatures are milder, cotton is very comfortable, as is microfiber polyester, which is almost wrinkle-free.

When it's really hot, you can easily ditch the long-sleeved jacket and pants in favor of a tank top or short tee. Here again, if the quality of textiles is important, the real choice between cotton and polyester is made according to individual preferences. If your skin is very sensitive, you will probably prefer cotton for its incomparable softness. Even if the touch of microfiber fabrics also has its fans, and their fibers have the enormous advantage of drying ultra quickly and being virtually wrinkle-free...

A 3 in 1 outfit easy to live with
With its elasticated waistband and zipped jacket with pockets, the jogging suit is the ideal basis for a comfortable outfit that is almost complete. Just add a short- or long-sleeved T-shirt, sneakers or walking shoes and, if the sun is shining, a cap.

In cooler weather, a fleece hat is a good addition. The windproof jacket to put on top of your tracksuit will allow you to move despite the weather.

Choosing your tracksuit
For a streetwear look, nothing prevents you from wearing only the bottom of your jogging suit, of course with sneakers, but also with a light denim jacket for example. You can also wear a cap with a large peak to complete your silhouette with style. The down jacket, a must-have in our wardrobes, also works very well in combination with a jogging bottom.

Resolutely trendy, the tracksuit jacket can also be worn mismatched. With jeans and sneakers, it personalizes a city and sportswear outfit quite acceptable.

A versatile sportswear

A must-have in the sportsman's wardrobe, the jogging suit can be used for a variety of activities: great for running in winter, it's great for hiking and even cycling! It's also the all-purpose emergency garment, to be put on in the evening after an intense day that is rewarded with a good shower.

In some sports circles, hasn't the jogging-sneaker combo that follows a massage session become trendy, if not cult-like? So whether you're camping or in the woods, at home or in the wilderness, don't forget your jacket + jogging pants set.

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