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How to dress for your winter adventure

When it comes to an outdoor excursion during the winter months, clothing can make all the difference to your experience.

If you are cold, or wet, it will be more difficult for you to enjoy your time outdoors. Making sure you're properly equipped for any weather is essential.

Luckily, our friends at SAIL have some great tips for staying warm during your foray into winter.

Layers, layers and layers
girl hiking in snow

You're burning energy and getting warmer as the day goes on. So it's essential that you can adjust your layers to stay dry (the key to being comfortable and safe).

Of course, sometimes that means removing a layer of clothing, but winter adventurers who know their stuff choose the right options.

For example, you can wear a waterproof tracksuit that fits into a small tote bag (it can be a pain to carry a heavy coat over your shoulders for half the hike). You can also choose options with ventilation zippers that you can adjust during your hike.

Here's how to get dressed properly...

Start with a merino wool base layer
This layer is designed to evaporate sweat and keep you dry under your other layers of clothing. Merino wool underwear will keep you warm and dry, even when your body is working hard!

A man and woman walking in the snow
Naturally antibacterial, merino wool doesn't retain odors, so there's no need to wash clothes every time you wear them. In fact, the less you wash merino socks, sweaters and underwear, the better they will be!

Here are some more tips on caring for your merino wool clothing.

Next, you need an insulating mid-layer
The purpose of this layer is to keep the heat close to the body. While the base layer helps you stay dry, this layer helps you stay warm. And that's what we all want!

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