How to dress well in winter? For Men

Dressing well in winter: basic principle
The basic principle for dressing well in winter is to use the layering technique. We advise you to wear three layers:

The first layer: comfortable and pleasant
The first layer will be in direct contact with your skin. It should be light and comfortable to wear. Be careful not to choose materials that tend to cause perspiration. We are talking about synthetic materials such as: polyester, acrylic and polyamide.

The second layer to keep warm
The second layer will keep you warm and will keep the heat close to your body. For this, choose a thick wool or cashmere sweater. Cotton is also a very popular material for winter sweaters.

The third layer: facing the winter wind
The third layer is present to face the winter, it aims to cut the wind. The two previous ones are supposed to keep the heat and keep you warm. It is therefore not necessary to have a winter jacket too thick. Windbreaker jackets or long jackets can be used.

winter clothing for men
How to choose your winter jacket?
Choosing the right jacket in winter can seem difficult. We often hesitate between down jackets, parkas, light jackets, how to get out? Don't worry, we will show you the different types of jackets you can wear this winter.

Overcoats to dress elegantly in winter
Overcoats are timeless jackets. They are basic and elegant. There are different declinations of colors. But the main ones are beige, black and gray. This jacket is suitable for suits as well as for streetwear outfits and looks. Longer than other types of jackets, part of your legs will be protected from the wind and cold. This is not possible with leather jackets.

how to dress well in winter long jacket
Long jackets are usually made of wool, which is a good point for winter. There are other materials and weaving like tweed (weaving of wool that makes it thicker) which is resistant to moisture and wind. With this type of jacket, you will not be able to make a mistake in men's fashion. It is the perfect jacket to dress well in winter.

Parkas to face the winter
Winter jacket for men par excellence, parka is a must in the male wardrobe. First worn by the explorers of the great north, we can now wear a parka in a male casual style, and even with a suit. Unlike the windbreaker it will keep you warm and its use will not be limited to stop the wind. The colors are generally sober, even if more and more colored models are emerging.

dress well in winter with khaki parka
how to dress well in winter with khaki parka
Khaki is probably the most common color for this winter jacket. If the model of your winter parka is thick enough you can put a sweater less warm, or not to put. If you choose not to wear one, choose a long-sleeved t-shirt.

Dressing well in winter: windproof and waterproof jackets
It is perfectly possible to wear a raincoat or a trench coat in winter as long as you respect the three-layer rule we mentioned earlier.

how to dress well in winter waterproof jacket
The windbreaker is not intended to keep the heat, so it is necessary to provide a thick sweater of good quality. If you want to wear this jacket in winter we advise you to wear a hat and gloves to keep your extremities warm.

Wearing a quilted jacket in winter
Lighter than parkas but just as effective, quilted jackets are ideal for dressing in winter. They are less imposing than down jackets, so your silhouette will be slimmer. You can easily combine it with outfits to go to work or for a more streetwear look.
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