How to dress with style in winter when you are a man?

Even during the winter season, it's always important to know how to choose how to dress with style and especially when the cold weather sets in it's high time to get your warm clothes out of the closet.

Here are some tips on how to stay on trend and dress in style in winter when you're a man!

Adopt the three-layer rule
In order to stay warm, the first thing you need to know before choosing your clothes is that there is a very specific technique to stay warm effectively. It is to know how to superimpose 3 layers in a very precise way:

The windbreaker, which allows the wind or rain to penetrate (coat)
The insulating layer, which insulates the heat from your body (sweater, shirt or cardigan)
The base, which keeps warm and avoids that the materials of the insulating part are in direct contact with the skin (tee-shirt or shirt) and we avoid the tank top.
Once you've followed this rule, you'll never be cold again, you just have to choose the right pieces.

The sweater, a must-have in winter
The first thing to think about is of course to take out your sweaters or to get new ones.

To do this, whether wool or cashmere, it is important to bet on quality: choose between alpaca, merino, mohair or angora and to face the cold with dignity and style, opt for a sweater with ribbed or twisted knit.

The solid color sweaters are more easily combined with the rest of the outfits to wear, but for this year we also find colorful and trendy sweaters that can easily be combined with good basics. Indeed, the products offered by this brand are made from materials of very good quality.

As an alternative, the cardigan is also trendy, choose it in large knit and sober color over a T-shirt or a shirt closed to the collar.

The choice of the coat
It is of utmost importance because it will protect you from cold and bad weather. This year again, the overcoat, the parka and the down jacket are unanimous in their usefulness and their style.

Camel Wool And Cashmere Coat For Men

It is important once again to insist on choosing a quality piece that will last for many years. It is easy to differentiate between good and bad quality coats: the fall on the shoulders must be impeccable and its thickness consistent.

For down jackets, for example, make sure that it is made with feather and not "foam", the overcoat is necessarily 100% wool, and waterproof parka fabric. In all cases, make sure that the lining is perfectly insulating.
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