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How to find your clothing style

The first time I wore this style, I was almost shocked by the feedback from the girls I know: I didn't expect such a success.
Yet, all I was wearing was a white shirt that I bought

But when I analyzed that, I found the answer.
The magic word here is: Simplicity.
Women really appreciate elegant men, who take good care of themselves, but, and here we have a big BUT... An elegant man yes, but who doesn't look like he spends 5 hours getting ready.

In other words: to be elegant without making much effort.

And the white shirt with the sleeves rolled up is a Perfect Look to illustrate the elegant man who doesn't make much effort to get ready.
The message being communicated here is simple: Yes it's winter, yes it's cold, but I take care of my look and appearance.

I learned this when I bought a RED coat. The next day when I put it on, every person I meet compliments me. Crazy stuff.

The thing is, in the winter, ALL men without exception wear crappy GREY or BLACK coats. and when you walk down the street - you notice it pretty quickly. Everyone blends into a herd of sheep.

But when YOU wear something different, something out of the ordinary, you score points because, even in winter, when people tend to let themselves go in terms of clothing style, you are different, because you protect yourself from the cold, WITH STYLE AND ELEGANCE!

Ahhhh my favorite look. I'm leaving this look last on purpose, because I can talk about it for hours and hours.

To make it short: the suit is the outfit of the CEO, the General, the Super Star... the superhero!

When you wear a custom-made suit, you command the respect of others and are taken seriously.

I really don't need to tell you about the vital importance of the suit, because I wrote a whole book on the subject that I invite you to read.

So there you have it. We have seen 5 rather basic but O how important Looks. Looks that you can easily adopt, starting today.

If you're passionate about style like me, check out our blog: - and if you want to go EVEN further, download my book: Style et élégance masculine - I'm sure you'll appreciate it.

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