In winter, when the temperatures are low, even negative, one of the first reflexes of the human being is to pile up layers of clothing in order to design a real armor against the cold. If some then opt for what is called layering (or the human sandwich), others will prefer either to turn to technical materials or to naturally insulating materials. One thing is sure, to fight effectively against the cold of winter, the most effective solution is to cover yourself well. However, if becoming a real trapper is not to everyone's taste, it is possible to dress elegantly, even in winter. Here, we will give some advice to face the great cold without putting aside our style is to have the fur coat.

"How to choose a coat in winter? "it is not a point that we will treat here in detail. However, if it is still unclear to you, we invite you to consult them without further delay. To know the materials composing our clothing and their attributes will thus give us a clear idea of the parts to be privileged in winter which is nothing other than the fur coat.

As a general rule, layering makes sense, you don't put a shirt over a sweater (unless it's an overshirt or a thick shirt), that goes without saying. On the other hand, we will wear a t-shirt, a shirt, then a wool sweater for example. The more layers you wear, the less air will pass through. In this case I advise you to wear a fur coat like this one, the hot air surrounding our body will tend to escape by the top, the bottom and the sleeves. The role of these different layers is to keep the air inside, which will allow us to regulate our body temperature more efficiently.

Under our clothes, the first layer we will wear is the underwear. Their importance and their capacity to keep our body warm are not to be underestimated, far from it, especially in case of extreme cold. Besides, this is the reason why some models are part of the collections of winter sports brands that will accompany the fur coat that we will wear.
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