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How to have a formal outfit in winter?

When you think of a formal silhouette, it's hard not to think of the costume. And for good reason, it's one of the key pieces of the formal look. If the choice of the pieces is not necessarily the most varied, it will be necessary here to take care to wear naturally insulating materials and to decorate its silhouette with accessories.

- The fur coat
In winter, we will obviously choose a fur coat because they will be better adapted to the winter season. One thinks of tweed, flannel, woollen sheet and herringbone weaves which in addition to their so characteristic style, will be cut to face the cold. Whenever possible, it is advisable to opt for a fur coat. If necessary, the wool composition should still guarantee a minimum of warmth!

The most suitable coat for formal settings is the fur coat: crombie-coat, uster-coat, chesterfield-coat or raglan overcoat. While some people tolerate the pea jacket, it is not recommended because it tends to bring a casual spirit and break the codes of formal style. Thus, the coat should be long, with a composition including a maximum of fur so as not to feel too cold.

Now that the cold is here, it's time (in every sense of the word) to tackle the BIG subject of the coat! In winter, it is difficult, if not impossible, to leave the house without a warm, insulating coat adapted to the winter climate. One must then equip oneself with a good quality coat to face the cold and thus avoid buying one every year, so an advisor is recommended.

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