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How to have a good style

It seems to me that the title speaks for itself, but let's make a brief presentation of the article...

What does a good look cost? First of all, it's not a question of euros. You can spend €1,500 on an outfit and still look like a clown, or still be unnoticed. A good look could be going out dressed as a Gucci or Givenchy model, but understand that fashion shows are often there to present a very large number of pieces. It could also be a makeover in a price range from 0€ to 2.000€, for an outfit.

Small tracks of reflection: the musicality, how does it come? The spirit, how does it rise? A sporty body, how is it forged? One answer, three times: experience, experience, and experience. Contrary to what many people believe (or believe according to some, experience does not come from doing a maximum of things, experience is to act, effectively, after having carefully thought about what you want. How many of you regularly take the time to sit down and think, or really dig through fashion magazines and websites? Your clothing style is up to you to create it so that it fits like a second skin. So, take note, step back, analyze and ACT!

How to manage the evolution of your style?
Let's start with a short anecdote. When I started to look for my style, if we want to tell the whole truth, to look for myself, I bought dozens of clothes at Jules, Celio and all those stores I found in front of me. I bought without looking, I had never taken the time to think about what I was wearing and everything in these stores seemed very trendy. That's how I ended up spending 300 € in one afternoon for two very average jeans, two awful jackets, and four polo shirts that were too stiff or too soft with time and especially not in MY SIZE. In short, one year later, I didn't wear anything I had bought. It would have served me well to have this article on hand. I won't hide the fact that you're going to spend money on a style, but no more than you would normally invest in it.

How do you do it? By obeying two rules:
The first: Be patient. Don't go into a store with the idea of buying something just because you've been there. You will probably come back dozens of times, and buying is not an obligation. So lose the illusion that you have to buy, even if many elements are present to force you to do so (sympathetic salesman, sales, clearance sales and other inventions), it is only marketing.

The second: Buy smart. Well, you've learned not to submit to what marketing wants you to do, that's a good thing. It's sad to say, but also implacable logic: the most beautiful pieces are very often made by great fashion designers. However, again, be aware of quality and marketing. Indeed, I have seen branded jeans that were absolutely horrible (badly cut, floating cuts, cheap aspects...). In the same way, it's not because a big brand clothing is at a very low price for X reasons (destocking, sales, private sale) that it's a good deal. So know how to recognize a quality piece.

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