I have been wearing faux fur for several years now. As far back as I can remember, I think my first coat was in leopard print bought for a pittance and on sale

I'm all for the synthetic fur coat 200%. Because contrary to some preconceived ideas, it is as warm as a fur coat so why sacrifice an animal when the fashion industry offers pretty good imitations.

Then there is a wide variety of models and depending on the quality, the prices are rather affordable. So yes, you will have understood, I recommend you the fake fur coat for winter. I've never been as warm as in mine quite honestly. I even spent a few days in winter with one in NY and believe me I could defy the cold without fear.

I had been looking for a camel colored synthetic fur coat since last year. I knew exactly the style I wanted, not too long at the knees and an oversized style. Then it was love at first sight. So how to wear the faux fur coat? For me, most of the time it's with jeans basket because it's rare that I wear dresses, except long ones and I haven't yet taken the step of wearing a long dress with this type of coat. Maybe one of these 4, I'll have something to show you, to see!

It's super soft, super warm, I love it! It was definitely worth a little New York stay. I even saw it in white, but I quickly abandoned the idea because white is not necessarily a flattering color for me and I would have looked more like the Michelin Man.

Don't hesitate to wear it oversized by taking one or two sizes above your usual size or even in a short version always with jeans, for a casual chic style. Choose a color that matches your skin tone and hair color. Choose a style that you can keep for a few years and that won't go out of style. Think about what you have in your wardrobe that will go with it. This is what I often do before buying a coat because I used to buy in industrial quantities and in the end, I only wore the coat once because it was too eccentric or nothing that went with it in my wardrobe except for one or two outfits. My purchases are more reasoned in terms of coats and I no longer linger on the models too trendy and that will finally end up in the garbage after a year. You can also wear heels with a faux fur coat, have fun, the main thing is that you feel good and comfortable in these sneakers!

And as we always need to have an idea before buying, I made you a small selection of the prettiest fake fur coats that I found on the net because there is for all the tastes and some can quickly make cheap according to the material. The goal is not to make believe that we wear real fur of course, when we wear a coat in fake fur, we also assume our convictions
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