How to wear a jogging suit in the city while remaining elegant?

We won't lie to ourselves: even if the reconfinement makes us cringe, we are still super comfortable in our slippers and our cozy home clothes. Sometimes we don't even take the time to put on anything else to go shopping or pick up the kids from school. After all, what's the big deal? Sweatpants are now part of our daily life and we feel so good in them... Except that it's true that sometimes we look like we're going out in rags.

Can we really wear sweatpants in the city?

If we thought that the sportswear trend was going to disappear, it is not. On the contrary, it is coming back stronger than ever in these troubled times. Comforting, cozy and not so old fashioned, the jogging trend has come a long way since March. As a result, some people are even wearing them on the street like they would classic jeans.

How to make a jogging chic?
And no, jogging is not just for the gym or the couch anymore. With today's trends, you can turn this comfortable ensemble into a real city outfit. And Stylight tells you how! READ MORE...
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