How to wear the fur coat?

With basics like raw jeans and colored cashmere sweater. You can also wear printed dresses and wool tights to take it out of its strict and dressy side. Feel free to add a more modern touch by wearing your beige or gray tassel hat.

You can also add a cashmere scarf to dress up the neck. Opt for basic colors like gray or nude, or contrast with a strong color like an electric blue or outright neon color.

6. The boyfriend coat
The boyfriend coat is perfect for mid-season or for places that don't reach negative temperatures. Its loose shape is perfect for many figures but can be insufficient if it is too cold because it is not close enough to your body and therefore lets the cold through. In addition, its plunging collar shape does not cover the neck.

Choose the coat in a navy blue, nude, cream, mottled gray or burgundy color. The best is to opt for a loose but straight cut. Pay attention to the size you choose because this piece will not be advantageous if chosen too small or too big. It must be perfectly cut.

River Island Coat

How to wear the boyfriend coat?
The boyfriend coat should be diverted and worn with feminine pieces like heeled boots or pumps in order to be highlighted. Take it out of its boyish context by adding a chunky necklace and a printed stole. Don't forget your deep red lipstick and a burgundy wool turban to complete this look.

What is your favorite coat shape?

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