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How to wear your tracksuit?

Put on your jogging suit
You look at the side of the label if it's not backwards, then you put your left leg on the left side and your right leg on the right side.

Well, let's talk more seriously, the tracksuit was first worn in 1932 at the Los Angeles Olympics. Simple outfit, with a round neck sweater and wool pants. It was the ancestor of what we know today! The one we all know now was first marketed by Adidas. In 1968, the tracksuit appeared in a historically famous photo, where Tommie Smith and John Carlos saluted the Black Panthers. It was at this point that the track suit took two different routes, one to the United States and the other to Great Britain.

The tracksuit in the United States
In the United States, it was used by sportsmen and was very quickly commonplace. At the time of the birth of Hip-Hop, when the conflicts between gangs of the Bronx were replaced by the battles of dance, the tracksuit made a place in the world of the urban culture. It will be proudly worn by Joseph SIMMONS, Darryl Mac Daniels and Jam Master Jay, while Coco Chanel created her famous yachting pants, a sports suit inspired by the world of racing and tennis in France.

Wearing your tracksuit well
After this point of history, let's get back to the main topic. Comfortable and elegant, the tracksuit will succeed in seducing the whole world, the famous sweatshirt, cap, sneakers, will go everywhere. The tracksuit has made its place in the world of streetwear. But it is still necessary to wear it well. I give you some tips for that.

To begin you choose a pair of sneakers with attention. To avoid the sloppy look by avoiding choosing a tracksuit too big or too wide for your morphology. To wear a tracksuit well, it is also to pay attention to the amplitude between the top and the bottom. For example, if you wear a sarouel bottom, make sure that the top is not too loose, because it can quickly pack you. For you girls, wearing a sweat suit that is too tight can become vulgar very quickly.

You like patterns and colors but you don't dare to go out with them? Here are some tips:

The patterns and/or the color of the top and the bottom should match perfectly. The opposite could hurt the eyes. Think of putting a plain top to balance the whole. A polo shirt will do very well.

You want a comfortable and classy outfit at the same time?
With the tracksuit it is possible. The velvet will give a chic touch. Make sure that the crotch is not too tight. To get an elegant style you can wear a black, grey or white stocking. To go with your outfit, choose a plain t-shirt, which is comfortable and easy to wear, and which will be the perfect top for your tracksuit.

In winter, you can add a parka or a well structured coat. Play on the sense of detail, on the contrasts. Contrary to what you might think, a tracksuit goes well with a suit. The coat, for example, will be a perfect match for a tracksuit. Denim, on the other hand, can be the best ally of your tracksuit. You could play with the fluidity of the latter and the stiffness of denim. Don't hesitate to mix textures.

You have understood, the tracksuit can now be worn in several contexts. All you have to do is choose it well when you buy it, and match it well.

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