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Men's fashion: what to wear in winter

The coat

Elegant, a coat will protect you from the cold while bringing that necessary touch of sophistication. That said, you can also play on the contrasts of style without taking risks (a chino, sneakers and hop, it's done). Two things: first, the ideal length, just above the knees, and not at their level. Secondly, what characterizes a good coat is its composition, the must being the 100% wool sheet.

Warm coats for impeccable style.

You will not find these materials in the first prices, but know that a beautiful coat properly maintained will last several seasons.

Pay attention to the length of your coat.

2. Thick knitwear
Warm pieces par excellence, knitwear has other advantages. A chunky sweater or cardigan is easy to match, soft and immediately gives a more casual look. If you're leaning towards cardi, make sure the collar is deep (to show off your layering) but not too deep, the goal is still to protect your neck from the cold.

For the sweater supporters, choose a cut that highlights your torso and simple colors. The more daring can go as far as trying the kitsch sweater with large Christmas motifs.

The cardigan, a warm and casual piece for a look

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