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Men's outfits trends for summer 2023

If mastering everyday fashion is a challenge, so is mastering beach style. Every year, beach outfits are renewed and the trends are subtle. From one summer to the next, it's very easy to fall into a fashion faux-pas if you haven't looked closely at the trends. But that was before Stylight analyzed them for you. The hottest men's summer clothes of the moment, it's over here!


The plain and elegant beach outfits

Minimalism is back in fashion! Exit the frills and sophistication, to become "that man", we bet on unique and elegant pieces with beautiful materials. If the black and white are sure values, you can also opt for colors that flatter your complexion.

The Sports Outfits

Because there's nothing cooler than a classic, luxurious pool party outfit with a sportswear feel. Timeless, classic and so trendy, we know it will come back every year.


 The ultra-tight outfits

Awaken the David Beckham in you! Going to the beach or the pool doesn't have to be synonymous with loose fitting clothing. If you're looking to make a splash and get noticed at the beach club, these styles are for you!

The printed outfit

Bandana print, polka dots, stripes, funky patterns... what if the men's outfit became a real fashion statement? More colorful bohemian, geometric and original than ever, it meets our desires more than a trend. Only trend to avoid: neon, which we left in 2019!


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