Style and comfort: how to wear a man's jogging suit (well)

how to wear men's jogging suits. Learn how to get the most out of jogging, this garment that is gaining in popularity, for your casual, dressy or street styles.

Unless you've become a hermit in your own backyard for the past few years, chances are you've noticed. The men's dressing room has undergone a major transformation. Beyond the usual and cyclical change of seasons, our way of dressing has fundamentally changed. Indeed, dress codes from jeans to suits to chinos have become more relaxed.

The male dress code has become more relaxed. Whether we go to the office or out shopping, we dress a little more relaxed. On the one hand, the cuts of clothes that used to be dressy (suits, shirts, etc.) have become (slightly) wider for greater comfort. On the other hand, sportswear is becoming more and more chic. Thus, the border between dressy and casual looks has become more and more blurred. It is, for example, no longer rare to see men in a suit and sneakers combo. Or the athleisure style has never been so much in the news.

Among the clothes from the sports world that we now find in all environments, there is the jogging. Now much more readily accepted (except perhaps in the office - and even then), it is a field of experimentation that has not finished surprising us. In fact, they are so much worn today that they may well end up becoming an essential male basic in a few years.

A quick walk in the streets will make you notice more and more men wearing a combination of blazer + jogging + derbies. Not so long ago, these ensembles were only seen on the catwalk. But, not surprisingly, they ended up spreading in our dressings.

So it seems that the jogging is about to settle for a little while in our way of dressing. So it's time to take a closer look. After a quick review of its history, we will focus on the different types of jogging that exist and the looks that can be composed with them.
A quick history of jogging
As with many sports, the origins of running can be traced back to Ancient Greece. After all, the origin of the Marathon goes back to that very time. But the current popularity of jogging and running is more recent, dating back to the reintroduction of the Olympic Games in 1896, and really took off in the 1970s.

While athletes were training in ungainly and not always suitable outfits, one man decided to remedy this problem. A Frenchman named Emile Camuset decided to create a pair of pants in which he would be free of his clothes and could sweat without embarrassment. If the name of this man is unknown to you, the brand he founded should be familiar to you, since it is Le Coq Sportif. After some experimentation with cuts and fabrics, the cotton jogging suit as we know it was born.

Today, the jogging suit is much more than a simple sportswear. Just like jeans and pants in general, there are different styles and shapes.
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