When shopping for a winter coat, it's obvious that many styles come with a fur collar. Some brands use real fur while others use faux fur. For those who choose faux fur for personal reasons, it is possible to find very nice coats with this specificity.

For those who prefer a coat with a real fur collar, keep in mind that this fur comes from animals that were once alive, and just like humans, animals are not perfect. That being said, it is possible that when you buy a model with a real fur collar, it may have imperfections and inconsistencies.

If you're really picky about the quality of your fur, we've received some very positive feedback on the appearance of the Quartz Co., Nobis and Mackage coats.

The general rule of thumb for faux vs. real fur is that faux fur is made to avoid imperfections and to be 100% consistent in color and length, whereas with real fur, it is as it is, and not always 100% perfect.

Does this coat make me look fat?
After a long hot summer of wearing nothing but shorts and camisoles, it's understandable to feel like you've gained 10 pounds when you put on a winter coat. By definition, a winter coat is usually bulky and not always the most flattering piece of clothing around, but winter coats are created that way for a reason. A winter coat is made to keep you warm when the temperatures drop and you're caught outside in freezing winds, not to fit like a glove.

Find a style you'll like and remember that a coat is a garment that looks big and bulky. Some styles are more flattering, such as those with a drawstring waist, but in general these are bigger garments. But don't worry, you'll get used to it as the winter days pass.
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