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The colors to wear

Coats and suits in a darker shade are the most famous. From the ultra formal black coat, to the classic business anthracite, to the more versatile navy blue. The 3 essential colors respect the rules of formality, match easily, and adapt to most contexts. Note that the darker colors do not get dirty quickly.
For those who don't always like to wear the more classic colors, and prefer to alternate their coats, there is good news. Houndstooth, curly texture, Prince of Wales, herringbone, burgundy: men's winter clothing is rich in craftsmanship-proof patterns and colors, suitable for all tastes and less formal occasions.

Measurements of the perfect coat
In general, there are two types of men's coat length: long and short. A long coat for men then goes down to the ankles, bringing masculinity, a serious and reliable air.

This type of coat is often chosen by men who like a more classic, traditional and formal style, and by very tall men, since the length of the coat compensates, from a visual point of view, the "excess" size.

The short coat for men, whose length is between the knee and the pockets of the pants, is on the other hand appreciated by younger men, who like a more dynamic and less formal look.

In this case too, as with coats, the fit of a stylish coat for men is fundamental. You can choose a close-fitting, figure-hugging cut with a slightly more fitted design, or a looser fit.

Whatever your choice, it is important that the length of your sleeves, the width of the upper chest and the height of the pockets correspond to your measurements.

The style of the elegant coat for men
Coat buttoning: single breasted and double breasted
Coat buttoning: single breasted and double breasted
Is it better to choose a single-breasted or double-breasted coat? This is the question that everyone is asking. The latter is considered the "most dandy" coat, and also the piece that goes out of fashion more easily, it is not for those who want to wear the same coat in the years to come.

Why should you choose a tailored coat?
Because it will fit you perfectly. The width and length of the sleeve, the width of the upper bust... A true custom fit and able to enhance your figure (any figure), without having to give up comfort and practicality.

Because it lasts. From the construction of the piece to the raw materials used: every sartorial detail contributes to the longevity of a tailored coat.

Because you can customize every detail. From the type of closure, to the color of the inner lining, to the type of buttons.

Because it is made from the best fabrics. We make your custom coat entirely in Italy, using only certified Italian fabrics.
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