The different types of jogging

The dressed jogging
The jogging can certainly be useful on a running field, but not only. The small revolution that the male dressing currently knows has led to a decline in the jogging suit version. So much so that the border between suit pants and jogging can sometimes blur to the point of confusion. And that's good news, because today it means that dressing smart doesn't have to mean wearing a suit.

In practical terms, this means tapered jogging suits made of premium cotton that have few creases. This makes it possible to wear them with a shirt without any taste mistakes, which was unthinkable a few years ago. To ensure that the jogging suit retains a dressy look, it is possible to choose it in neutral colors like gray.
The sporty jogging pants
Even for its sporty use, these pants have undergone some changes recently. While we previously knew it rather wide and cut rather roughly, the sporty jogging has also become more tapered, more slim while remaining comfortable.

A little wider than its dress version, it also includes technical fabrics. Again, gray remains the preferred color.
The daily jogging
At the crossroads of the dressy and sporty models, there are also jogging suits for everyday wear. They are intended to be worn for an afternoon Netflix, go shopping, have a drink on the terrace and any other activity of the day.

Their strong point is their ability to combine comfort and versatility. So much so that it would not be surprising if one day they dethrone the jeans.
How to wear a jogging suit according to your style
The relaxation of men's style allows today to wear the jogging through different associations. It is no longer reserved for Sunday looks and recovery from a hangover. Here are the main styles that can be achieved.

Jogging and streetwear
Jogging suits are not a novelty in the street looks. Their popularity is precisely due to the current mix between streetwear and haute-couture.

To make a success of a street outfit including a jogging suit, you just have to associate it with a sportswear or workwear. Specifically, choose a denim jacket, a technical jacket, a T-shirt or a bomber. For shoes, to stay in the theme, choose a pair of classic sneakers: Nike Air Force One, Adidas Stan Smith or Reebok Classics.
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