My blazer, I can't live without it. It's the most essential piece of clothing in my wardrobe. In fact, let's face it, it's the most important piece of men's clothing for those looking to dress well.

I've bought several blazers in different colors and materials over the past few years. A navy blue flannel blazer that I love for winter, a cotton blazer for fall and spring, and even a blazer made of ultra breathable technical material, so that I can wear it in the summer when it's hot, but without getting hot! By the way, this is a tip to know for those who are trying to figure out how to dress well in the summer and still look stylish.

Here I will tell you all about the blazer for men, this garment that shares my daily life, that helps me build my looks easily, and especially that replaces my sweaters perfectly!

This "blazer", it has a history, a great history too!

The blazer is a jacket that comes from the other side of the sleeve, where the English also call it the boating jacket. To accurately describe this garment, we can say that it is originally a double-breasted jacket that resembles that of a classic suit, but which usually has metal buttons and whose fabric is navy blue. This men's jacket has a chest pocket, two pockets with flaps and two side slits in the back. This is the classic Navy blazer for men that we all know.

prince charles navy blazer
Prince Charles wearing the same blazer decades apart
The blazer dates back to the uniforms of the English fleet, who wore these short jackets in the 19th century. The English establishment yacht clubs then took over this very popular model in the navy. It is therefore easy to understand the name of boating jacket, which can be translated as "sailing jacket".

Nowadays, a "sports jacket" is generally called a "blazer" and I recommend you read my article on the difference between a suit jacket and a blazer if you want to know more about this issue.

But let's not go too far here in the details of the blazer history, you certainly want to know how to choose and wear it!

boating jacket man
The classic rowing club blazer
If you want to choose a man's blazer with all the important elements that make up a beautiful blazer, you must find on your model all these details:

Two side slits
Gold metal buttons (often with patches)
A chest pocket
Two side pockets with flaps
A navy blue fabric
This is the perfect beautiful blazer for men, the one that respects perfectly the codes and history of the blazer.

If you're in the mood for a more modern blazer, one that you can wear every day with every possible look, I'd recommend choosing a non double-breasted model, with classic buttons, a single button down on two buttons and medium lapels. The blazer jacket below is the perfect example of the ideal blazer.

navy blue men's blazer

When choosing your blazer, pay close attention to the fabric that is used. Select it with care. Choose a fabric from a great house, such as Reda / Lanificio f.lli cerruti / Vitale Barberis / Loro Piana for example. Choose a fabric suitable for the season in which you will wear it. A blazer fabric that is too warm will not pass the summer for example. It all depends on your use!

Pay attention to the details. Take the time to choose a model with a lapel width that you like - are you rather wide or thin? - and with a quality of manufacture which is with the height of the price which you invest in this part.

For a well-made blazer - around 300€ or 400€ - you can expect to have open buttonholes on the sleeves - so you can turn your blazer sleeves inside out - half-moon reinforcement seams on the outside pockets and inside jacket pockets, or natural material buttons like horn or corozo blazer buttons. Full interfacing is a plus for the lightness and durability of your jacket, but the price is bound to be higher.
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