The importance of a well-tailored suit

Many people dress in suits and ties these days but do many of them really know how to wear them?

- Many people can't find the material time to find the suit or suits that would look great on them, simply because they are usually too busy with work or other family or professional activities.

- Other people don't know the benefits of wearing a well tailored suit (more presence, more charisma at the first impression) and take cheap suits that are often badly tailored at the base. I'm not saying that cheap suits are of bad quality, but it doesn't equal a custom made suit for example.

All this to say that a badly tailored suit will make you look like a man who is cramped and lacks style.

Mesomorphic: the silhouette par excellence of the strong man generally exceeding 1m85 and having a fairly pronounced build. With this type of morphology, you should favor curved cuts and banish pants that are too wide.
Ectomorph : it is generally the thin and tall people who have this morphology. This type of morphology is quite complex to define because it is necessary to give more volume to the silhouette to avoid giving an "anorexic" effect. I would advise these people to wear a large shirt and tuck their shirt into their pants, to give a little volume.
Endomorph: people with this type of morphology are often overweight and generally small in size. The advice I could give to this kind of people to break their bulky body shape, would be to wear dark and straight suits to refine the curves.
Once you have found your body type, the chances of finding the right suits for you will be increased.

First of all, for the suit jacket, there must be a good width at the shoulders. The top sleeve seam should reach the beginning of the shoulder muscle, the sleeves should not be too long and the shirt should reach a finger and a half away from the suit to let the third of a possible watch show.

Avoid brown shoes with your dark suits as this does not often go well with them, however a light suit can go very well with brown or colored shoes.

Then, the jacket of a suit must always cover the buttocks, question of aesthetics. But the pants should also appeal to you as they are an integral part of the suit. That's why if you step on the edge with your shoe, it's because it doesn't fit you, and conversely if the pants are too small and your socks show.

Finally, you should not forget "the break" which is the point of meeting between the bottom of your pants and your shoe. Your pants must have only one and only one break at this level.
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