The men's cover coat, the long coat that must be worn this winter

The cover coat for men, a rustic winter coat
As you now know, a good part of our wardrobe comes directly from our English friends. Most of them come from the military or sport world, these clothes designed to be practical, are not lacking in elegance.

The practical side of the cover coat
The cover coat or covert coat, ("cover" refers to the bushes that served as hiding places for game) is no exception to the rule. This warm, resistant and not very dirty hunting jacket was perfectly adapted to this virile activity of the 19th century. Indeed, this woolen coat was used to clear a path through the vegetation. It also protected the gentlemen from the harsh British climate in a very elegant way.

A coat with character
The cover-coat is a long men's coat with a lot of character. Timeless and elegant, this rustic and shorter cousin of the Chesterfiel, another men's long coat, is suitable for all figures. It is first and foremost an overcoat of rural origin with many practical details that give it personality. One of them is a slit in the back. Originally, it made it easier for the gentleman farmer to get on his horse and did not hinder him once he was seated. Nowadays, it brings a touch of character.

Typical characteristics of the cover coat

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This warm coat with a good length, has several rather special features that it owes to its past in the English countryside.

Specific details
The cover is easily recognizable thanks to its straight, mid-length cut (it comes above the knee.). Its long sleeves with adjustable buttoned tabs on the cuffs and its central buttoning hidden under the tab to protect the buttons are unique. It also offers two flap pockets on the right side and another on the left side. The latter is often topped by a ticket pocket.

A special fabric for the cover coat
This lovely winter coat is cut from a smooth and soft touch fabric called covert-cloth. This wool was in fact dense and quite fluffy. It was meant to keep warm and avoid injury when walking through bushes and thickets. Let's not forget that the covert coat is a hunter's jacket.

A very special color
The color of this coat is also a distinctive sign of the covert. If some evoke the "color of the mud", others qualify it rather with a less rough name. Thus, you will find it displayed with the mention mastic, khaki, olive or brown. Most often, it is described as hazelnut brown with some orange highlights. Perfect tones to stay unnoticed without having to wear camouflage.

Aesthetic stitching
covert coat and its 4 stitches

You will also notice the presence of stitching at the bottom of the sleeves as well as the basques. Four rows to be precise. The meaning of this detail is not always clear. For example, some say it was to prevent the fabric from fraying, because it was cut with a clean edge, that is to say without finishing. Others think it is a reminder of the marks of repairs made to the coat following the various actions of the hunters.

A very clever velvet collar
Finally, the velvet collar present on most models also has a completely pragmatic origin. In fact, for the men of the time who coated their hair with gomina, traces of dirt and grease were not acceptable. But it was not easy to find a sheet of the same color as the original one. So, when a collar had to be changed because it had become too dirty, they had it made in a more suitable color. Black.
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