The stylish comfort of the men's track suit

Are men's tracksuits becoming the trendy outfit for teleworkers? In fact, this sportswear set, once reserved for sports fields and gyms, is becoming more and more popular. Comfortable, casual and practical, it replaces pajamas when you have to appear on screen during video conferences with your boss or colleagues. But it's also a nice outfit to hang out at home in all simplicity. Let's see how to wear it.
Men's sweatpants: definition
The tracksuit or jogging is basically a fleece outfit that is used for sports. It consists of a top (jacket or sweatshirt with or without hood) and a pair of sports pants with elastic waist adjustable by a drawstring. The bottom is tightened or straight and sometimes with a zipper opening. It is worn over the shorts and jersey before starting the competition or between two exercise sessions. It is used to protect the athlete from cold or drafts. It allows him to keep his muscles and joints warm, and thus contributes to better performance.

From purely sportswear, the tracksuit will take a more fashionable turn in the 80s. It will become a casual outfit that is worn outside the stadium, in moments of relaxation. Then under the influence of rappers in the 90s, it will become the flagship piece of streetwear. The world of fashion will finally seize it and make it parade at the head of its collections of haute-couture in silk and sequins version.

Men's tracksuit, a regular on the catwalk
The tracksuit is not only a sportswear. It is now well installed in the sportswear area of men's wardrobes. Indeed, if it is still widely used in the world of sports, it takes an increasingly important place in our daily lives, and even more since the advent of telecommuting.

Why do men's tracksuits appeal so much?
Men's jogging suits appeal to all those who are looking for an easygoing outfit. And the tracksuit, as our Belgian and Swiss friends call it, perfectly meets their expectations.

Men's sweatpants are easy to put on
A pair of jogging pants with an elastic waistband and a top, with or without a zip, allow you to put them on in a few seconds. Handy when someone rings the doorbell on Sunday morning and you don't like being seen in your pajamas. Even if the current pyjamas are really nice, some people prefer a sweat suit.

A man's jogging suit is comfortable
Fleece brings softness and warmth to this winter loungewear. Some models can be lined for even more comfort. Summer models are made of lighter cotton to keep you cool.

Men's sweatpants, an affordable outfit
Men's sweatpants are still an affordable outfit, even for big brand name pieces. Whether it's a Nike, Puma or Adidas set, to name a few, you can easily find sets for less than 100 euros. Take advantage of the many promotions offered throughout the year to shop for even less.

A totally revised look
The men's track suit has evolved. You will find it in sportswear or streetwear version in many colors and in more modern cuts. Farewell to the mottled gray or navy blue, and make way for khaki or the two-toned or multicolored version. Closer to the body, the urban jogging is really for some, a full-fledged outfit that is worn daily. Thus, it is not uncommon to meet men wearing jogging to work. Everything depends of course on the dress code of your company. This is also true for those who work from home.
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