Wear a jogging pants with class ? It is possible!

Long relegated to the sports locker room, jogging suits are gaining legitimacy and inviting themselves into the dressings of fashion fans. More comfortable than jeans with their elasticated waistband, more stylish than sweatpants with snaps, they can also be ultra stylish if you manage to tame them.

The proof: it is more cool than ever in the street and many designers have had fun to revisit it. But how to succeed in rhyme jogging and class? We give you some tips!

Which jogging pants to choose?
There are certainly on the market as many jogging as possible looks. To play the card of elegance and chic, the ideal is rather to choose one made of a beautiful material: a nice mottled fleece, velvet, technical material, fishnet, satin or leather style.

You can then rather choose fitted and well-cut models with elasticated bands at the waist and ankles and drawstrings (Adidas, Nike, Puma...). With their faux-pants look, they will be perfect to dare the jogging look more subtly.

In a more fashionable spirit, a straight jogging suit, cut at the ankle, will make its little effect, in thick canvas or nylon for example. We do not forget the models a little more couture with straps, fabric strips, perforations or embroidery for example. With a nice pair of sneakers, they will be more trendy than ever.

Total black look and white heeled sandals: the right combo
Total look black and white heeled sandals: the right combo

Just add a blazer and you'll look classier right away
Just add a blazer and you'll look classier right away

Add a denim jacket and your jogging suit takes on a whole new dimension
Add a denim jacket and your jogging pants take on another dimension

How to wear jogging pants?
To walk in jogging with class, one of the golden rules would be to avoid playing it too first degree in total sport look. On the contrary it is necessary to shift it by associating it with more chic pieces, the objective being to blur the tracks. We choose a romantic blouse, a sophisticated blouse, a well-cut sweater, or even a pretty printed t-shirt.

For an almost instant class effect, we add to the outfit a long blazer or oversized leather perfecto. Of course we do not hesitate to upgrade the whole with a pair of heeled boots, pumps or sneakers trends.

Otherwise take inspiration from the loungewear trend to make a look 100% comfortable but still sharp. To do this, turn to flowing jogging in knit or knitted with a long shirt that we slip under a soft sweater.

In short, the jogging gives us the opportunity to join the useful to the pleasant, we would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it!
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