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What are the winter 2021 coat trends

It was already there last year and it is playing the prolongation. Whether it's extra long or short, the XXL coat has oversized volumes that give a boyish look.

Grey, beige, black, colored or printed, the large coat can be worn over a little tee shirt or tights or with straight jeans and moccasins or derbies, which can be found in the fall-winter trend shoes.

Another variation is the bathrobe coat. The one that, as its name suggests, borrows the codes of the bathing suit. The result? A long coat with an imposing collar that is belted at the waist.

The XXL down jacket
Let's face it, the fashion trends predict a freezing winter. So it's not surprising to find thousands of down jackets in the fall winter collections. Long or short version, we wrap ourselves in real little quilts to wear.

This season, we will tend to wear it very first degree: street version. The daring ones will dare the combo down jacket / velvet bob.

Clearly, it has become a must: not a season without seeing the tip of his nose. The fake fur is everywhere. Woolly skin or real fake fur, you will find it again this year in the winter coat department. Long hair, short hair, the coat becomes a real cuddly toy.

Fashion essentials: winter coats to have
The coat is one of the most important purchases of the year (along with winter boots). While some bet on the season's trends, others prefer to spend on a coat that has no risk of falling out of fashion the year after. Some winter coats are sure values.

Starting with the winter parka. It has become the must-have of the season. No fashion trend will be able to put it down. Special partner of our winters, it is the essential. Warm enough to save us, stylish enough to make us look good even in winter. And yet we know that the challenge is heavy to bear. So it's no surprise: the winter parka has its place in the top 5 trendy fall winter coats.
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