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What coat to wear in winter while remaining elegant?

No matter the season or the weather, you can't leave your house without being dressed to the nines. It's a matter of principle, elegance, style and perhaps reputation. Don't worry, I understand. The only problem is that a man's suit worn in summer is not really adapted to winter: it is too thin, too light and not warm enough of course. Besides, many of us wear linen suits during the summer period. Even if this material is known for its thermoregulatory characteristics, it is especially recommended when it is hot.

The right materials for a winter coat
Double-breasted jacket and turtleneck suit
Double-breasted jacket and turtleneck suit
A good winter coat is characterized above all by the choice of good materials. That is to say, fabrics known for their thermal efficiency and yet breathable.

The right wool for a winter coat
It is the STAR material of winter! Its natural properties are appreciated to bring us all the comfort and warmth possible whether in a sweater, a jacket or a winter suit. That said, be sure to choose the right type of wool but also a sufficient thickness to ensure the wearing of a warm and comfortable suit. As a priority, choose merino wool (wool from Australian sheep): it is denser, more elastic, softer and more comfortable than the others. Very fine, this merino wool does not sting. More upscale, you can also opt for a winter suit in alpaca. This llama pacos wool is considered even softer and warmer than sheep's wool.

winter coat in wool
A winter suit in velvet
Yes, velvet is making a comeback on the fashion market and therefore in particular in the manufacture of winter suits. Attention, it has nothing to do with the velvet suits of the 60s. Today the cuts are much thinner and the result is much more elegant. Velvet is a style of material, it is not a material in itself. We can find cotton velvet, wool velvet, hemp velvet, silk velvet ... in short it is in fact a type of fabric and not a natural material. Velvet is appreciated for its thickness, its softness and its relief but also sometimes for its shiny side.

A Tweed coat for a British style
This woolen fabric characteristic of the Scottish and Irish lands, is today the symbol of an unequalled British elegance. This fabric is both very robust, waterproof and insulating. Its properties and style combine perfectly to create a warm and very elegant winter suit. Depending on its thickness, this fabric may be a little heavier than a simple merino wool fabric for example.

Tweet jacket and vest + velvet pants
Jacket and vest in tweet + velvet pants
The Flannel
The wool flannel is the good compromise between a merino fabric and tweed. It's a combed fabric, quite light and very comfortable to wear. I also like the way this fabric behaves in contact with light. Depending on the angle, the color of the coat varies significantly. To look your best, you can pair your flannel winter coat with a flannel shirt
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