If this is your first winter coat purchase, I recommend starting with three possible colors that are easy to use and versatile.
A blue coat, a gray coat or a camel/sand coat
simple coat
From there, there is little chance of making a mistake.
On the contrary, if you already have 2 or 3 coats, you can allow yourself more freedom in your choice.

Little used colors or patterns, it will depend on your desires:
orange double-breasted coat for men
A coat (Burberry) that combines both color and texture!
gucci coat
Gucci coat, in a white color, which is unusual
burberry herringbone coat
Classic. A double-breasted herringbone and sharp lapels. Get out of the monochrome while remaining versatile.
Prince of Wales Double Breasted Coat
Always classic, a brown Prince of Wales to change the gray
Coat man Zadig and Voltaire
Black Zadig & Voltaire coat (red decorative stripes applied below the collar)
This choice will greatly influence the overall look of the outfit. And will depend on what you want. One with more presence, the other with more minimalism.

The crossed shape comes from the military wardrobe. Indeed, the advantage of this closure is that it is warmer at the bust level (belly and chest) simply because two layers of fabric are superimposed.

The crossed shape adds horizontality to the outfit and can therefore give an impression of additional width at the bust. It is more imposing. This can be useful for someone who is very thin.

The straight coat is also very elegant and meets the departure of a city wear. It is largely more minimalist than the double-breasted. You will find few straight coats with epaulets, martingale etc... Typically military details.

It is very vertical and will throw the little ones up; however, be careful that it is perfectly curved and that the sleeves also fit well, so as not to compress the silhouette:

straight fitted coat

The choice of one shape or another really depends on personal taste. We can also play with vertical and horizontal line by superimposing one on the other and vice versa.

Or double the line by choosing straight on straight or cross on cross.

The maintenance of his coat goes systematically through the pressing. It is a cost but it will preserve the quality of your piece, its longevity and its waterproofness.

Tip: To avoid unpleasant odors, remember to air your clothes after wearing them. You don't put a jacket that has been worn for a few hours directly into your closet.

You can also consider this option. It is not uncommon to find very nice second hand coats, very little worn, on Vestiaire Collective or Vide Dressing for brands like Hermes, Prada, Dior... Or on Vinted for a Sandro or The Kooples jacket.

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