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What warm clothing for men to wear this winter?

I don't know about you, but as I get older I get more and more frightened. With the approach of winter, I am already anxious to freeze for several months. This year, I decided to take the initiative and find myself some warm clothes for the winter, like a man's fur coat to protect me from the cold.

The must-have piece for cold and wet weather is, of course, the fur coat. You will find several types, some of them more than others referring to a given influence/style.

A few quick tips to help you make your choice!

Opt for a timeless design like the fur coat, especially if you don't already have a few good coats to lean on.
Also, look for versatility. Both in terms of style - a pea jacket will always fit in more outfits than a bomber - and in terms of colors. The easiest ones are navy blue, grey and camel, at least at first.

Today it is the technical model, more relaxed that we retain and that has crossed the times and styles. Fur is one of the most casual winter coats you can find. It is a good solution to give yourself a little bit of fur. It is also an ideal coat when you are small, because it doesn't go down too low and leaves you with a visible leg length that is more generous than other coats.

the cut was revised, narrower, with double layers on the shoulders and attachments to the hood to adjust it better.
It was shorter at the base and was lengthened to the knees during World War II.

A winter coat that today finds its place in a casual style. It is appreciated for its comfort and fit. It's a coat that offers a nice look when you are tall and thin (it allows you to flesh out your build a little) but also when you are more imposing.

In the 1830s, men usually wore a long layer close to the body: a lounge dress made to be worn both indoors and outdoors (a rule that no gentleman would have deviated from at that time). Fur coats upset the established rules because they were made to be worn outdoors and removed indoors.

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