When and how to wear a man's tracksuit?

As is often the case, men's wardrobe hijackings have their fans and their detractors. Some men put on their jogging suit as soon as they get out of the office and don't leave it for the weekend. For the very elegant and rather racy men, it is simply a "love killer".

An ideal outfit for relaxation
As we have seen above, the jogging suit for men does not lack assets. The modern versions even have pockets adapted to slip your smartphone. Favored by celebrities, footballers in particular, they can be worn in a relaxed mode for the weekend, but also in everyday life. You can choose it in many versions from the most sober to the most colorful. Consider it according to your tastes.

Comfortable for telecommuting
A tracksuit is well accepted during telecommuting episodes. Casual without being sloppy, it "looks" good. Wearing it in your living environment is probably a factor. That's why your superiors accept this less formal outfit than the one you usually wear at work. So you can afford to wear a pair of tracksuit bottoms with a nice quality T-shirt if it's too hot to wear a zip-up sweatshirt or hoodie.

In stylish urban mode
It's hard to classify it as stylish and classy, however. However, you can accessorize your outfit. Wear it with a nice leather jacket and a matching bag when you go out. Pull out the hood of your hoodie to add some character to the ensemble. And if you like the rapper look, pull out your gold necklaces, sunglasses and Pharell William hat.

The fashion faux pas to avoid with a jogging suit
Don't wear it with a pair of derby or Chelsea boots. Or with any other pair of dressy or chic shoes for that matter. Men's sweatpants, whether sober or fancier, really only accept one type of shoe: sneakers. It is said.

The large size tracksuit
Men's tracksuits are of course available in large sizes. Choose a sports outfit that suits you. A straight cut sweatpants lengthens the silhouette. It gives you a casual look, especially if worn with a zip-up jacket with a high collar. Leave it open over a nice round neck tee. A jogging suit gives you great freedom of movement. It finally allows you to be comfortable during your visual interviews.
The tracksuit for men has many advantages. Comfortable and practical, it allows you to be dressed in a casual and visible way in all circumstances. Whether you're relaxing or working from home, they're perfect. And treat yourself to a nice pair of sneakers to complete the look.
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