Where to find a coat:

Not surprisingly, the best coats are not found in fast-fashion stores... , the percentage of wool rarely exceeds 50%/60% and most of the models have finishes that leave something to be desired: inner lining that tears after two days (I was disgusted a long time ago), buttons that are gone in no time. Often these coats are not very thick and as they are light, they tend to wrinkle very quickly when you sit down for example. For me it's a real turn-off! I like well-made coats with a nice fit, which have a heavy fall and do not wrinkle, it's so much more elegant! However, I saw a camel coat on the site made of wool and cashmere mix. It looks good but it is not cheap and the reviews are mixed on the site. In the description we can read that it is not lined. I didn't have the time to go and see it in store but I must admit that my curiosity is titillated!

In short, for the purchase of a coat, these brands are to be avoided but again, it's a little case by case. We can also have nice surprises, as a proof my camel coat from Promod which always earns me many compliments when I wear it. It is made of wool (78%) and it is very well cut. If you have a limited budget it's a very good plan, even if I personally find it a bit light for the coldest days (I would have to add a down jacket underneath but it's cut pretty close to the body).

The second hand, for quality on a budget
You can find great quality coats in thrift stores at really good prices! The old coats of the 80s and 90s are often much warmer than the coats made nowadays (and yes, the brands are making crazy margins on a quality more and more rotten, it's sad... we really became suckers).

Buying second hand allows you to buy beautiful pieces or brands that you can't buy in normal times or in sales. Recently, I bought an Isabel Marant coat in a second-hand store near my home, I enjoyed myself while doing a small ecological gesture and I'm also happy with my find!

If you plan to buy a coat on Vinted for example, ask the saleswoman for a picture of the composition label, just to make sure it matches your criteria!

My favorite brands for coats:
These brands are not ethical but I consider that a well-chosen coat is part of a sustainable fashion logic (personally, I keep my most beautiful coats at least 5 years minimum). And the few ethical coats I could find are really expensive. If you have the budget, it's great but there are other alternatives (second hand in particular).

And Other Stories: my favorite coat is a navy stripe coat I bought at And Other Stories. I remember picking up the last one in the store that day and I don't regret my purchase. It was 3 years ago, I still wear it with as much pleasure because it is timeless. Be careful, all the coats of this brand are not the same, check the composition before buying (it is specified in the details of each article on the website)
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