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Which coat colors to choose?

Originally used by sailors, the Caban and the Duffle Coat are chosen in colors with a marine connotation. The other coats are open to all colors. The pastel pink is perfect for an opaline skin and a dark and chic outfit. Women love it. Gray adds a touch of understated elegance to an ordinary outfit. Intense red will probably be the favorite of the young and fashion conscious.

How to choose the size of your coat?

Obviously, the size of the coat is chosen according to the size of the body. To get a coat in the right size, it is essential to take your measurements. In practice, it is necessary to add some measurements to the latter in order to be able to accommodate the layers of clothing easily. Thus, for a size 42, you should choose a coat size 43, 44 or 45.

In order to choose your coat size, we advise you to know the following measurements:

Your length from shoulder to shoulder - Back width
Your chest circumference from the armpits
Your waist circumference
The length of the sleeve
The circumference of the bottom of the coat
The sleeve opening
The length of the back
What are the coat sizes?
The coat is available in sizes 42 to 52. A size 42 is equivalent to a waist size of 84, and a size 52 to a waist size of 104. When you try on the coat, you will be able to tell right away if it is the right size or not. Especially when:

The shoulder is fitted and without excess material
It is not too tight when covering a sweater or jacket
All buttons can be closed normally
You feel supported, but not compressed
Sleeves slightly cover the cuffs
The length is close to the knee and just below the hips for coats.
To know your coat size, we advise you to refer to the conversion chart below.

This table will allow you to make the correspondence between the coat sizes and the equivalent in centimeters.

Why is the size of the coat important?
Size is important for doing things. A coat that fits too tightly will not be able to include layers of clothing. Too large, it can deteriorate the look. Hence the importance of choosing the garment in the right size.

What are the finishing touches to look for before buying a coat?
To find the perfect coat, there are certain details to look for. A true expression of style, the buttoning style can give the coat some cachet. A Caban is normally equipped with a double row of buttons. The hood is also an element not to be neglected to confer a feeling of cocooning as well as an urban look. It allows to reinforce the convenience of the coat in snowy weather. Finally, don't forget the lining, which is the basis of the garment's comfort.

Here are some examples of the finishes you should look at carefully before buying your coat:

Does the quality of the fabric look good to you? Do you think the coat will last over time?
Is the coat warm enough for winter or mid-season?
Are the buttons and closure in good condition?
Does the coat have any snags?
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