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Which coat for men to choose for style?

When the temperature drops or when you want to give yourself a more sophisticated look, wearing a jacket or coat is essential. But among all the models available, it's not always easy to find your way around. A nice coat can be an excellent alternative to a small mid-season jacket in case of rain for example

In this case, should you wear an overcoat or a cardigan? A raincoat or a bomber? To get to the point, here are the 10 types of jackets and coats a man should know - and possibly have in his closet!

fur is the ideal coat to face the winter. The one who fears neither the cold, nor the rain, nor the snow. But also the one that doesn't ruin your figure or your style. Its straight cut and length make it ideal for tall and slim men. But to vary the pleasures, it can be more or less thick, simply windbreaker, raincoat or even plain stuffed. The water-repellent parka is an increasingly trendy coat that can be worn in spring to face the giboulées!

In fact, today, fur borrows elements from all types of coats (duffle, pea jacket ...), but it is still recognizable by its multiple patch pockets in the front. Because in addition to being warm and comfortable, a fur must be practical.


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