which coat for my morphology ?

You've been eyeing that coat in the window for several days, but you're still hesitating to buy it. Its color, its material, its cut, its length... Is it really made for your morphology? To answer this question, here are some tips.

Doudoune, parka, fake fur coat, which model is made for you ? Choosing a coat according to your morphology is not an easy task. Declined in all materials, shapes and colors, it can quickly become an obstacle course to find the coat that will accompany us throughout the winter. Let's take a look at the models that will make us look our best.

Which coat to wear according to its morphology?
To each morphology, its coat! Choosing your jackets according to your morphology is essential to sublimate your silhouette. It allows you to highlight your natural assets and to hide some details. Whether you are cut in V, A, 8, H or O, you will not turn to the same models.

Which coats for A shapes?
The A shape, also called pyramidal, designates a body structured in the shape of a triangle, with the shoulders less wide than the hips. For coats, choose long, straight-cut models to lengthen the silhouette, with shoulder pads to gain in stature and a large collar.

Which coats for V-shaped body types?
Unlike the A shape, the V shape is characterized by a larger volume on the upper body: marked shoulders and thin hips. Trapeze jackets, peplum blazers and ball coats will allow you to rebalance your morphology. Those who wish to reduce the width of their shoulders will take care to banish the shoulder pads, the sleeves balloons and the coats too close to the body.

Which coats for 8-shaped women?
Perceived as the "ideal" feminine silhouette, the figure 8 is based on a balance between the different parts of the body. In this case, coats and jackets with a slim fit will be perfect to emphasize your shape. The down jacket, the kimono jacket or the trapeze coat are essential to have in your wardrobe.

Which coats for H-shaped women?
If your figure is H-shaped, that is to say with a similar width of shoulders and hips, the bathrobe coats will be perfect for your morphology. They will emphasize your waist with elegance.

What coats for O-shaped people?
An "O-shaped" silhouette refers to a body shape with luscious curves, wide hips and a small waist. Here, we turn to the three-quarter length belted coat and the fitted jacket that feminizes the silhouette by emphasizing the waist.

Choosing a short coat or a long coat?
The coat is the most enveloping piece because it must protect us from the cold. That's why its length must be the first selection criterion. The smaller you are, the more you are wary of coats that are too long: it's an obvious fact but it's always good to remember. Above the knee, it is the good compromise if you are less than 1m60. Below the knee, it fits most sizes. Mid-calf, this length is reserved for those who are more than 1m65.

The coat grazes the ground? It is obviously not intended for the smallest, that does not stick either for the very large... Which will look even larger. The option not to make a mistake: the caban shape, mid-thigh, because it fits everyone.
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