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Which coat materials to choose ?

As coat rhymes with comfort and warmth, the choice of fabric is important. Classic wool fabrics have the advantage of being warm and comfortable. Small drawback, once wet, they give off a smell of sheep. This is not very glamorous! Today, there are modern fabrics designed to store heat while letting the body breathe; down for example.

Some materials are ideal for outdoor activities, such as onion skins. This is a revolutionary material, better known as "softshell". The softshell is composed of 3 layers of fabric: an insulating fabric to retain heat, a second that protects from the cold by preventing its penetration and a third that allows your body to breathe in the garment, wicking body moisture.

Let's take a look at the most common materials used to make a coat:

With its natural breathable properties, wool is an essential material for coats because of its softness and its insulating properties. Very resistant to water and cold, wool coats will keep you warm during winter.

With a much higher price than sheep's wool, cashmere is a very comfortable and silky material. It will therefore generally be a quality coat, which you can wear for special occasions. Generally speaking, cashmere is not easy to care for, and requires hand cleaning. But we can guarantee that it's worth it with a material you'll love to wear.

With its distinctive frizzy style, mohair is a perfect material for the cooler seasons. Mohair is made from Angora goats, and is a natural material that is particularly durable over time.

The mixtures
Like all other garments, the coat does not escape the mixtures of materials to improve the thermal properties and weight.

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