Which coat to choose for winter?

Are you looking for a warm and feminine coat?
A coat is a fundamental piece in a wardrobe and must be chic, warm and trendy at the same time. If the trench coat is the ideal jacket at the beginning of the season, for its light and elegant side, in winter, it is important to bet on pieces that are both warm and easy to wear every day. The down jacket will be a must-have to face the winter cold. In addition, the fur invites itself to decorate our coats with elegance.

The down jacket, a comeback in force
Light, waterproof and warm, the down jacket is a piece that evolves with fashion. This winter, the down jacket will be rather voluminous and fitted. Black, khaki, brown, gray ... all colors are allowed. With the down jacket, it is possible to mix warmth and style, while protecting yourself from the cold. If the parka signs its return since the 80s, it has been modernized. Although it is warm, it no longer has that bulky effect. Thinner, its line is refined, sportswear style or short and elegant. It is worn with a hood and zipped details. The material can be shiny or army. To be more flattering for the line, the belt is a major asset.

Softness and animal spirit with fur
Fur is the little extra detail of winter. The coat can be entirely in fur or by small touches on a perfecto, around the hood. The coat is the other trend of the winter season. Short or long, it can have a traditional cut with a double breasted and a thick wool material. It can also be oversized with leather details and zippers for a more rock look.
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