Which coat will you fall for this winter?

Khaki green mid-length hooded parka with long water repellent sleeves and plush lining - Blancheporte
Which coat to wear this winter?

Parka, duffle coat, trench coat, down jacket or straight coat... It's never too early to prepare your winter wardrobe and especially to choose the coat in which to curl up all winter. If we are too late... the selection is limited, the most beautiful pieces are already gone and we reluctantly choose this big piece of the season that will accompany us for a few months!

Whatever the model you choose, your winter coat must first and foremost be stylish, well-covered and perfectly sized to ensure an excellent barrier against the cold. Then, it's up to you to choose the cut, the material, the color and the style! Need some fashion help? Here's our stylists' selection of this winter's trendy coats.

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The pea coat: the safe bet
Borrowed from sailors, the pea coat has carved out a place for itself in women's fashion wardrobes. A timeless elegance, an impeccable style, this coat ensures maximum style for a minimum price. Blancheporte offers it in sober and classy colors: camel, black or houndstooth for a strong graphic effect.

What we like in the pea coat : its double breasted, with or without hood, its tailor collar and its good length.

To wear with the pea coat: jeans are its trendy ally, but it goes perfectly with your tailored pants and pencil skirts.

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Brown and black houndstooth print mid-length pea coat with long sleeves in wool - Blancheporte
Black houndstooth printed mid-length pea coat with long sleeves cheap wool cloth - Blancheporte
Black belted long jacket with removable hood Colors & Co® pas cher - Blancheporte
Short brown woman's coat with iridescent print high collar, long sleeves Colors & Co® pas cher - Blancheporte
The favorite coat: the down jacket
In the coldest and most comfortable department, ask for the down jacket! Out of the teenagers' closet, the down jacket has made its way to the couture department for all ages for a few seasons now. Designers have reworked its proportions for stylish and elegant cuts. Oversized down jacket, short or long down jacket, it allows itself all the stylistic audacity!

What we love about this coat: its little touch of madness, the whole range of colors it offers to our winter looks.

To wear with the down jacket: everything. It can easily be worn with your comfortable outfits (jeans, pants, leggings, big boots) and makes even the strictest outfits look more relaxed.

The weekend coat: the parka
Related to Siberian winters, the parka has found its way into urban fashion in a few years. It has left the military color codes and the eternal khaki to take on all the cheerful colors of winter: navy, burgundy, beige. With or without fake fur, the parka immediately inspires a feeling of warmth and comfort.

What we like best about the parka: its beautiful fullness and its smart details (hood, double closure, windproof tightened sleeves, fur).

Blue waterproof parka with zip and removable hood with long sleeves - Blancheporte
To wear with the parka: for a walk in the woods you will put on your old jeans and your boots. In the city, it goes perfectly with your most feminine outfits. Don't hesitate to upgrade it with a nice scarf and a small dressy handbag.

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Black waterproof short parka with zip and removable faux fur hood - Blancheporte
Women's mid-length black duffle coat with removable hood and check print long sleeves cheap - Blancheporte
Black mid-length duffle-coat with removable hood and long sleeves cheap faux fur - Blancheporte
The timeless coat: the duffle coat
The duffle-coat appeared at the end of the 19th century in England before being adopted by the officers of the Royal Navy for its length and its covering aspect. And it is always these qualities that we like, in addition to its small side "Parisian intellectual" of the Sixties... Become an icon of the winter, sometimes wise sometimes punk, it always surprises as much by the perfection of its cut.

What we like in the duffle coat: its covering hood, its large deep pockets and its total closure to face all winter winds.

To wear with the duffle coat: high boots and a skirt above the knee for a seventies look or a short dress. A nice pair of fashionable velvet pants and leather derbies for a deceptively wise side.
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