Which woman's coat to face the winter?

The down jacket or the parka? What will you wear this week? There's that pair of boots you'd like to take out, and that oversized sweater or skirt for the office... You're preparing your outfit for the day, but when it's time to put on your coat, it's no good! If you've ever been in this rage, you should find some serenity in this article!

Here are our Personal Shoppers' outfit ideas for wearing the right coat in the cold winter weather.

The long gray down jacket

A stylish down jacket? How?! Well, it can be. Who said that a down jacket had to be a woman-bibendum? The technique, to compensate for the roundness of this puffy coat, is to choose a curved version or to add a belt.

The long gray down jacket

The gray down jacket is worn in length, with slim pants and a high neck sweater, also preferably gray. Add a pair of black ankle boots (very trendy this season), and you get a comfortable, simple and elegant style.
The wool coat

For a serious yet comfortable look (ideal for the office), the right coat is the 3/4 length wool coat with a buttoned front. This season, it is worn more in black tones.

The wool coat winter outfit

To complete the outfit and style, wear it over tartan print chino pants, a white shirt and a plunging neck sweater. If you need to add a sophisticated note and the cold doesn't scare you, add black pumps (worn with thin black tights).
The short burgundy down jacket

We come back to this, and it's normal in winter: the down jacket is a great weapon against the cold! It's also a great opportunity to get noticed by adopting a color that suits you. This season, the trendy color turns around the burgundy, even burgundy (we tell you about it here).

The short burgundy down jacket winter outfit

To wear the short burgundy down jacket, go for a casual look, with black jeans, a marbled sweater in shades of pomegranate and black, dotted with mustard (and you'll see that the combination of colors works perfectly), and sporty sneakers. With this set, you are ready for all daily activities and all temperatures.
The parka

This is one of the easiest coats to pair with. Fall or winter, the parka goes with any outfit.
If you're tired of the classic khaki parka, switch to brown or camel for this season. The little trendy asset of the moment is the white fur on the hood, which creates the contrast.

The parka

An outfit idea: with a beige ribbed midi skirt, a black turtleneck sweater and black boots.
The wool frock coat style

If you're looking for a classic look, but still want to keep some character, you can also choose the masculine-feminine coat, like this softened version of the frock coat.

The wool frock coat style winter outfit

For a very neutral look, you can wear this gray wool coat with jeans, a mint green sweater (for the warm note) and a pair of white sneakers.
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