Winter clothing trends

Woven clothing
The bets of the fashion world for the last season of this year 2020 returned to the knitwear technique. The most important collections included for their winter clothes a significant amount of knitted clothes.

What is surprising is that it is no longer just hats, gloves, scarves or socks. Short and long dresses, blouses and jumpsuits have appeared fully knitted. Without a doubt, this will keep you from getting cold.

It is a very good alternative for children from 2 years old as well as for young people and adults. Please note that for newborns, the typical buttons and knots on these garments can be dangerous. And the lint that comes off the wool can be irritating.

In the first few months of their lives, the more minimalist you are, the better for them. Remember, in any case, there are clothes that mimic the woven style and babies will look great in them. Cotton is one of the materials that experts recommend.

- Covered face
This year has surprised us all. The global situation has transformed our relationship with the world. And fashion is no exception. For winter clothing, for example, coats, jackets and accessories that cover the face have become a trend.

It's another sign that there's nothing stopping us from having style. The advancement of fashion adapts to the current situation. This type of clothing is designed to be anti-fluid and hypoallergenic. Children will be able to play without worrying: the face mask will be one more accessory in their look.
- Comfort
This may be a strange trend, but it's actually one of the best. Not only because it offers versatility in outfit choices, but also because it's all about comfort.

Long, loose fitting sweatshirts, long sleeve tops and sweatshirts are perfect choices for those cold days. They are perfect for cozy evenings at home but also for going out.
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