KAYIB's Men's Luxury Barocco Set - Experience the Epitome of Sophistication - Crafted from Pure Silk and Satin

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Indulge in the epitome of luxury with KAYIB's Men's Luxury Barocco set. This stunning outfit exudes elegance and sophistication, and is crafted from the finest materials - pure silk and satin. The short-sleeve button-down shirt features KAYIB's unique Baroque print, a beloved emblem of stylized acanthus leaves. The exquisite design is complemented by a button closure and collar, adding a touch of refinement to this already remarkable piece.

The unique, paneled design of the elastic waistband shorts make this set even more exceptional. And the knee-length and loose fit provide a comfortable and relaxed feel, while the side pockets add an extra element of practicality.

Made in Spain, this set is a perfect example of impeccable craftsmanship. The lining is made of 100% cupro, while the upper is made of 100% silk/satin. For best results, dry clean this garment as a delicate item.

This men's luxury set comes in a variety of sizes and is designed to fit true to size. It's perfect for guys who enjoy an outdoorsy style or those who prefer a more masculine outfit. It's also ideal for summer outings, swag outfits, black men fashion, gender fluid fashion, gentleman aesthetic, and cool outfits for men.

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