choose well and wear a winter coat

The interest of the coats in the men's locker room is that there are many of them! And that each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages (whether from an aesthetic or practical point of view). Such a plurality allows men to find the one that suits them best, or to experiment with different styles.

Personally I am a great lover of coats, I have been able to wear all the models that we present to you a little below, allowing me to share with you the fruit of my different stylistic experiences (more or less successful but which allow me to mature an opinion on the subject).

I would also like to specify that this is a guide to winter coats only, so you won't find the jackets that can be worn just as well in winter (you would need a whole article as they are so numerous).

Fur: the winter coat that is essential and easy to wear
Its origin is not entirely clear and is the subject of several stories. The only thing we know for sure is that it comes from the British Navy

If fur was indeed used by the British Navy, some say that it was specially designed for sailors who wanted to climb the masts, the "refeerers"! Hence the creation of a double-breasted coat (practical because it can be buttoned on the most appropriate side according to the wind), curved and short to facilitate climbing.
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