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Choose your coat according to your morphology

As with all clothing, the coat is chosen according to its morphology to enhance its silhouette.

You are a small man
No big surprise: short men should prefer short coats, with a maximum length up to the buttocks. Long coats are not recommended because they compress the silhouette. If needed, you can choose coats with small patterns to add volume to your body or a coat with vertical stripes to slim your look.

You are a round man
The objective is to structure your figure without adding volume, by bringing more density to your body. Choose fitted coats to mark your waist, padded at the shoulders and rather short (pelvis level). Vertical stripes on your coat are perfect for you and refine your silhouette by optical effect. Avoid coats with large patterns, large checks or horizontal stripes that have a bulking effect that is not very flattering for your figure.

You have a V-shaped figure
Do you have a V-shaped or inverted pyramid figure, i.e. your bust is wider than your pelvis? You need to choose a coat that balances the width of your shoulders and your waist. Coats with shoulder pads are to be avoided as well as down jackets, you are already quite muscular, no need to add more! Choose long coats at mid-thigh for a perfect look. The coat must be fitted without being tight, choose it preferably in a plain color. Shiny materials, horizontal stripes and large patterns give an impression of volume and make the body look bigger, so they should also be avoided for your body type.

You have an H-shaped or rectangular silhouette
Your shoulders and hips are aligned and your waist is not very marked? To choose the right one, your coat should bring less volume to your shoulders and your pelvis to properly balance your silhouette. Long and mid-length coats are perfect on you! Semi-fitted coats and jackets without shoulder pads are also made for your rectangle body type. Avoid overly structured jackets that add volume to your already square shoulders.

You are tall
You have endless legs, but you are complexed by your big size? Choose a short coat, whose maximum length stops at the level of the pockets of your pants. The bomber, the pea coat and the duffle coat are coats that are perfect for tall people with a bit of a complex.

And if you want to show off your basketball waist, thick long coats (wool etc.) are your best allies. Don't be afraid of jackets with curved shoulder pads, on the contrary, they are at the top of the elegance to magnify your look!

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